Thesis of Evil Thesis of Evil

Dr Professor's Thesis Of Evil

Thesis of Evil is a story of Dr Professor, the most successful super villain of his time. In a time where super villains are more celebrated than heroes, doing evil has become a huge business. And where there is money, there are always the men in suits pushing paperwork and schedules. Dr Professor finds himself not to be the one in control of his own evildoing.

A dark comedy set in the world of superheroes, gigantic mutant koalas and death rays.

The movie will set a corner stone in the new world of original motion novels, a fascinating combination of photography, 3D graphics and animation.

Dr. Professor's Biography

Dr Professor might not have been the first known super villain, but few will dare to disagree that he has become the greatest villain of our time, even beating Gorgharmokt the World Destroyer when it comes to collateral damage, as listed in the Guiness Book of World Records.

Starting his career in the late 70's, Dr Professor has set several cornerstones in the world of calculated evil. The release of his debut unholy super mutant creature and the freezing of the Panama Canal within the same trimester took the world by storm and deservedly earned him Time magazine's Man of the Year -title in 1978. Whether it was destroying the Moon in 1985 or his famous collaborations with Captain Swastika, his ability to surprise and constantly reinvent himself has made him an icon, quoted as being "the worst thing to hit Earth since…well, the Moon".

Throughout his entire career Dr Professor has been cited as a big influence by many villains, dictators and politicians alike and is known for his characteristic, ground-breaking technical achievements in the field of evil, as well as the intellectual depth of his work.

Dr Professor's work during the last four decades has spawned a vast global fan base and a billion dollar empire that has turned true evil into a pop culture phenomenon.


  • The phrase "The Destruction will be mine!" has been printed on more t-shirts than "I love New York"
  • Selected Time’s Man of The Year twice.
  • Good friend to Jack Nicholson
  • Voted #3 Sexiest Villain of All Time
  • Recipient of the League of Destruction Lifetime Achievement Award.