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Thesis of Evil premieres on LA Shorts Fest Opening Night and on iTunes (5.9.2012)

Thesis of Evil invited to the 24th Helsinki International Film Festival Love & Anarchy
(2.9.2011, translation by Mariia Haatanen, Saga Vera Oy)

Press photos

Director                                Director of Photography 
Jukka Vidgren                      Juuso Laatio

jukka vidgren preview                                           juuso laatio preview
Download the photo of the                                            Download the photo of the
director Jukka Vidgren in print quality
                           director of photography Juuso Laatio
                                                                                     in print quality

Juuso Laatio & Jukka Vidgren


Dr Professor’s Thesis of Evil is a groundbreaking and ambitious short film about superhumans in a fantastic world of heroes and villains. The story is being filmed in Oulu, Northern Finland Finland’s technological center and is aimed for international distribution. The film is about Dr Professor, the most powerful supervillain of his time. However, Dr Professor has lost his interest for his life’s work. A career, that arose from love of destruction, fear and violence has turned into a marketing circus. Dr Professor has become a prisoner of his own fame and status as an adored supervillain. His public relations machinery, that used to serve him, has become his master. And he’s not pleased.

Thesis of Evil is a superhero tale about an all-consuming marketing craze, commercialization, fame and the insanity of fan-culture. But most of all, it’s about finding yourself/world domination/freeing the true evil inside you. The movie is a mix of satire, drama, humour and adventure set in a comic book world.

The crew is comprised of young and talented artists (most of them working pro bono). The movie is being brought to life by a new, innovative technique called Motion Novel, which has been developed by the team behind the project. Motion Novel combines photography, image editing, 3D graphics, music and sound to create a stylish visual narrative that could be described best as a kind of an animated comic book. The production can be followed on the website of the film, as well as on the Facebook and Twitter pages. Pictures, sneak previews and other making of material is available there. The film is English spoken.

More about the new Motion Novel technique

Dr Professor's Thesis of Evil

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