Thesis of Evil Thesis of Evil


Director / Screenwriter / Producer

Jukka is not particularly good at animation, graphics, drawing, 3d modeling or just about anything, so naturally he's made the director. For the most part this means that he sits behind a computer trying to look very busy while facebooking. He also works as a producer which mainly means more facebooking. And drinking coffee. And trying to get these other geeks to come to work on time (which isn't happening). And to keep himself busy he's also the screenwriter along with our DoP Juuso.

Director of Photography

The head of the visual-department. He's in charge of shooting the scenes and applying a gentle layer of photoshop. He oversees all of the different visual stages of the project. In the end, if the movie ends up looking like crap (but of course it won’t), Juuso is the one who should get kicked in the knickers.

Concept Artist

My job is to close my eyes and dive into the bizarre world of Dr. Professor and resurface with visions of how his world looks and feels. After that I take a pen and draw what I see. Some of the technical innovations Dr. Professor has been working on are so evil and weird that only afterwards I can understand what I just put on the paper. His eccentric pals also have such unique tastes that it takes a while to recover after drawing a (rather flamboyant) Nazi villa for example. The sensation could be compared to as a kind of a shaman's hangover.

Motion Visualist (animator)

Petteri's job is creating the final visual look from earlier elements. 3D camera movement will enhance 2D images in the final composition. Particle and other visual effects will create the final touch for Thesis of Evil

Lead 3D Artist

Well, I was recruited to create 3D stills as backgrounds and props for the movie. I'm the alphamale of our 3D team, meaning the only person in the 3D team, though we've had some reinforcements from time to time. My humble (gargantuan) task is creating pretty much everything that's in the shots behind the photography and effects. I'm rather low on the food chain office wise, I give my dissected renderings to Juuso for compositing, who in turn gives them to Petteri for effects and animation. I get beaten if my work isn't up to par. (Or at least I beat myself up about it.)


Ilkka works with the After Effects post-production team to create animation and special effects for compositions. He was one of the founding members for the project and played a big part in creating the Motion novel technique since he knew bit more about After Effects than Juuso and Jukka.

Music Composer

Rami's job is to create a score which accents the visual atmosphere never before seen in a film in Finland. He doesn't know yet if he should go for a traditional orchestral style or something more modern, but whatever he decides, it's definitely going to be epic.

Technical Advisor

Pasi takes care of the technical problems that might stand in the way of a streamlined production machine. He has built, and maintains, the technical infrastructure: Rendering farm for the 3D artists, web servers, remote access, office LAN and a lot of other acronyms.

Marketing, PR

Blog post planning & coordinating, all kinds of marketing tasks, spreading the word. Has brought crew and extras to the project, making of coordinating/footage, coordinating extras, casting help, catering coordinating/help, coordinating some contracts.

Production Assistant

Inkeri has mostly been assisting with costuming and styling, which has basically been shopping around for super evil items and poking cast members with safety pins in very awkward places (for some reason you only ever need to take clothes in at crotch or boob area). Inkeri has luckily been saved from making coffee because she does’t know how! A useful skill if there ever was one.

Assistant (Casting/All-around)

He is trying to find good looking... ugly looking... superheroes... evildoers... interesting looking people to sacrifice their bodies for Dr.Professor. He also makes coffee and mediocre sandwiches. (Out of sacrificed bodies of course!)

Offline & Online Editor

What is it in for an editor in a motion novel?

With hundreds of raw images and some precomposites, a script version 10 (current must be something like 14) and breath taking pre-recorded and acted voice over track, the editor dives into the mudpit of sound effects and temporary music clips, locks up himself in a dungeon and puts the puzzle pieces together in order to give the story a pace and feel. It's a great opportunity and challenge to make the story alive with only still images.

Sound Designer

I design sound effects and soundscapes for the film. For the most part I collaborate with the composer and the director. I collect sound libraries and put them in more precise use once I get the rendered scenes to work with.