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If there’s one thing that we have found out while making Dr. Professor’s Thesis of Evil, it’s that “film-making ain’t cheap. “ Even if the team is working for peanuts (we’re all out, send us some more team). One thing that we can’t do for our selfs is the voice acting. We really want this film to be not only great looking, but also a pleasure to listen to, that’s why we need a really solid cast of voice actors. Thesis of Evil is going to be a international film, and the spoken language is to be English. Our production/office is located in Oulu (about 300 miles north from Nowhere) so we have to look bit further.

After a couple of unsuccessful bank robberies we found this great site IndieGoGo is about Crowd Funding. The idea behind crownd funding is that fans participate in the funding of the film in small amounts, like 10$ or 25$. Lots of these small donations build up to a considerable amount. But we are not expecting you to give your money for nothing but good will though; we have different kinds of perks to get you excited. Some of our perks include a digital download of the film, a personized poster on your wall or even a ticket into the movie business with an Executive producer title on the film!

Check out Dr. Professor’s Thesis of Evil crowd funding campaign and the perks in The campaign finished in April.

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